Saturday, July 12, 2008


Why do people go to the gym?

- Look good
  -- get bigger muscles
  -- get leaner muscles

- Get strong
  -- lift more weight

- Get endurance
  -- Run more distance

- Cross train
  -- Combat(popular lately)
      --- grappling
      --- boxing
      --- Kung Fu

Most "average joes"  want to get in shape.  What they want without realizing it, is a combination of components to fitness:  endurance, strength, lean look etc.  

Nutrition accomplishes two things that I'm interested in, cosmetic function and performance function.   When I do scores of reps with 95% of my bodyweight it becomes necessary to combine these components to feel better so I can perform better.  

Since kettlebells can potentially cover a spectrum of almost all aspects of fitness with the exception of the 1 rep max powerlifting, or the marathon running elites, most people (99.99%) will not want to be an elite powerlifter (maybe I'm wrong;)) or an elite marathoner.  Most people say to me "I want to run a marathon."   I call this a "panic" weight loss plan.   Everything else had failed so if I just run a marathon I'l look like the person on the cover of runner's world. 

The human body has potential to exude feats but it is capable of work.  The energy components are a combination for a human is never truly built for strength or for endurance.   It is a complicated machine that requires a balance of these two main components of fitness.   Kettlebells alone are a powerful tool that can fit any mold of a strength/endurance combination.   

From personal experience, I've never felt more confident about taking on tasks that are non kettlebell related.  I need specific practice but certain requirements depending on the activity are not a problem.  

And that is the take away.  Most people will relate their experiences from before and after.  

My advice to those starting out:  listen to your coach for guidance and use common sense.  Work within your parameters.  

and kettlebell lifting again has aspects of strength/endurance together.  

I would like to try to someday jerk 70 kg kettlebell on one arm if there is one.  I have strength goals and endurance goals outside of kettlebells but my priority is strength/endurance in a sport groomed and perfected for over half a century and for the purpose to make a soldier fit to fight.  I want to be ready to fight and can't waste my time.   

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