Sunday, July 13, 2008

Its about you, take a deep breath

To clarify my statements about methodology I think people miss things.  

The communication breaks down when you communicate your experience to someone who has no such experience.  

In this particular situation going from 12 jerks with 2 24 kgs to 30 jerks with 2 32kgs and then after getting proper guidance 30-70 jerks with 2 32kgs, people discuss without a frame of reference.  Its no personal I say because I want YOU to be better.  If I didn't, I wouldn't talk at all.  

I can understand where they are coming from because I was at that level of kettlebell lifting before.  I didn't roll out of bed a Master of Sport level.  I also have been exposed to kettlebells before AKC as well.  

Getting to the part where its about you!

I passionately make my case about kettlebell methodology and philosophy to those who don't understand.  

I want people to improve themselves ultimately with well being.  Though I am passionate about a sport, I am also passionate about providing a way to make people well.  People who don't give a damn about a sport still need to be well.  

People take karate to be fit ie.  People dance to be fit etc.  

Wasting time is what we try to avoid.  Ask yourself about shortcuts to success.  There is a reason.  The only shortcut is methodology being the best.  


That is only half.  

If you look for a shortcut after the fact the result is disappointment.   

the other half is work ethic.  

Before you run for the hills, I had a terrible work ethic starting out.  
I wasn't interested.  I was but I didn't like to be the worst.  But who cares.  Worry about the worst when you are high level(at least MS level).  

but I can't tell people enough, try to make the levels before worrying about others.  It is worthy.  

Some people have a better work ethic then others when they start but like anything else work ethic can be learned and groomed.  Transformation takes place on more then just a physical level.  When you go from 0 to 70 jerks you'll understand what I am talking about.  

Nothing worthy is easy.  If it is easy then go to the next level.   

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