Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today's benchmark

2 16 kg kettlebells test.  50 reps Long cycle for 5 minutes.

A goal for 1 month is to get this number(50) with 2 24 kgs.  

While it is good to shoot for the stars, 50 reps LC with 2 32kgs in 5 minutes while not impossible is virtually an unprecedented level for 70 kg bodyweight.  

But a goal before Toronto would be 50 reps LC with 2 28 kgs for 5 minutes.  Thats MS level at least.  


Catherine Imes said...

Damn..I did 50 plus in < 8 min last week with the 16s..I guess I should have gone faster(my ace was unraveling and I quit). It was probably my one and only chance to say I can do what Marty can do..for a minute :) The time has passed....

Glad you're feeling better


Kettlebelllifter said...

Hey Cate. Thanks:) That is only one thing. Never mind the heavier stuff right now. I saw the double kettlebell work for jerk. It was really good to watch. Lockouts are perfect.